Rebecca Schmoyer has performed, recorded and toured in rock, chamber music and avant garde settings for over a decade. She has performed in Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, Canada, and many U.S. cities.

Schmoyer trained as a classical guitarist and chamber musician, receiving a Cali School of Music scholarship and a Bachelor of Music degree Summa cum laude from Montclair State University. As a member of the the Harry Partch Ensemble, she played Partch's microtonal guitars in concerts of Partch's works and premiers of new microtonal music by contemporary composers. She has particpated in guitar master classes and workshops with Dominic Frasca, Kevin Gallagher and Ana Vidovic.

She performs regularly with the chamber-jazz trio, Chemistry Set and in trio with with bassist-composer Paul Geluso and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter.

Her most recent collection of songs Sleeping Through Dusk is available at cdbaby. It features Daniel Carter on trumpet, alto and tenor sax, Paul Geluso on bass and Eric Marc Cohen on drums, plus guests John Sheehan on guitar and Julia Kent on cello.

Schmoyer was a member of the avant garde rock band 5chin400 with bassist Geluso, drummer Michael Lopez and guitarist Steven Sicher. Flipside Magazine called 5chin400's first record, Hey God, Stop Pushing! "a whalebirth of a record that will leave you begging, that is gasping, for more." The group followed this release with a full-length LP, Fugue State.

Her discography includes Aquartet One and Aquartet Two, a two CD set with multi-instrumentalist Sabir Mateen, and the LP Fugue State, which are available by ordering here. She appears as a guest on various projects including the CD Heal!, by members of the punk band False Prophets. Other recordings include In the Dark, issued on vinyl by New World of Sound, and a second pressing of Hey God, Stop Pushing!, which can be found at wowcool.